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* Part One: Pulp Fiction *
  • Materials and Tool
  • big bag of paper, torn or shredded
  • blender(s) or food processor
  • cookie sheet

  • colander and 2 bowls
  • clean old tee, for straining pulp
  • Baggies or pint containers for storage
  • OPTIONAL:colored tissue paper or pigment

  • Place cookie sheet on counter, near sink and near outlet.
  • Put blender/food processor on cookie sheet.
  • Place basin in sink, bowl in basin, and strainer in bow

added Shred
Soak shredded paper for 10 minutes or longer, then pour off the water from blender into bowl a for reuse.
Half fill the blender with wet paper.
Add water to about 3/4 full and be sure to   !*Hold the lid down*!  when you first turn it on.

To encourage free-mixing movement, add more water while processing.
Blend two to five minutes on high. Blending for a longer time will allow your finished work a smoother surface texture. Check pulp texture - it should be very fine, with no clumping.

To test: drop a pinch into a clear jar of water and shake it up - good pulp will disperse and float around.
added Water
Pour contents of blender into the strainer in bowl in basin in sink, and shake water out gently.
You may re-use this water for the next blender batch.

*Paper fibres tend to clog drains, so the basin is helpful for an alternative disposal...water a plant?
Pulp in strainer
Wring out pulp
Paper pulp may be kept out for a day or two, depending on the ambient humidity/temperature. We usually make a lot of pulp in one session and store it in the fridge, in zip locks or recyclable containers with nice tight lids. It may also be frozen if you know you won't be using it for a while. DO remember to take it out the night before you want to play with it.