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Judy Funk Art - Northwoodstudios

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Papers and Cards

Deckle edge cards, 5 x 7

Print worthy cards, envelopes and papers!


watercolor cards A7, four deckled edges


Cards are Plate finish, perfect for printing or painting,and are similar to an Arches 120 watercolor weight.
If you feel about papers the way I do, you'll be beyond satisfied, you'll be delighted with the generous size and heavy velvet weight!
Web Special,limited time , max 2 per order:
five for $4.95 - inc. envelope of your color choice (mix/match ok)

wild orchid
east side red

Plate finish envelopes in a generous A7 - 5.25" x 7.25"

These have a nice hand and strong construction, good for embellished enclosures. They're also really good to print on!
...or stamp, or draw...

deep turquoise



Wild Orchid Envelope
5 pack

East side Red Envelopes, 5 pack

Deep Turquoise Envelopes
5 pack

Chartreuse, Moegi Envelope
5 pack

*to mix colors, order one pack of any color and email your choices:

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