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DIY decal So many ways to use decals, so easy to create your own custom designs!   
We will be posting more information and how-to notes - meanwhile, please check out these helpful links, and let us know if there is any thing related to decals that we don't have up yet...we might have it behind the scene, ready to roll.
Image the decal paper and transfer it to any rigid surface, like glass, ceramic, wood...embellish furniture, walls, stationery. The image will show up best on a light background.
To work with decals for ceramics or glass, try the easiest method: laser print transfers contain enough iron oxide to fuse into the glaze or glass when you fire the object enough to flux the surface - generally about cone 04. (Not brain surgery, promise!)This technique gives a range of sepia to chocolate.
Useful links:
laser transfers onto glazed pieces or glass and
Transfers to
greenware in any state and to a limited extent, bisque.
 Please also see our   ready - to - print screens  with your designs, or :~) (gallery up soon!)  with ours.

Decal Paper:
8.5" x 11"

5 packs, 10 packs, 20 pack
RISO  Double B6 Framed Screen,   70-mesh
5.7" x 9.3"  image size
2 per pack $16.95 - For PGArts and B5 Printers, or flash each end in the blue  B6 press

 New!* Gocco B6 Screen Frame   $4.95
*Sturdy Re-usable Plastic - fits all gocco models

   For DIY's: Printable  B-6 frame template

 Rectangular Matte frames for off-machine prints:

4.5"x6.5" inner/ 8"x10" outside
8"x10.25" inner/11"x14" outside
Frame Size Options

 How-To: Unframed Screens