Beyond Embossing
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Beyond Embossing
*Dream, And DO*

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Heat It Craft Tool
HeatIt Craft Tool
$ 18.75
**Best in the West is back in town, YAY!**
Minimal airflow, comfortable hand and light weight make this reliable heat tool one of our favorite multi-use craft tools.

Great for embossing, of course, but also great for speeding drying time on paint and adhesives, for shrink plastic apps, and to heat-set fabric inks and dyes.

1 oz. Embossing Powder
$ 3.25
Embossing powders create raised print effects, and come in a wild variety of colors and surface texture. Try puffy! Then there are the slickers,the matte,the sparkly color changers. . . ii yi yii candy!
1 oz. Superfine Detail
Embossing Powder
$ 3.75
Superfine, ahh. Perfect for fine detail printing.
Add another dimension to fine line work. Creates a raised print with sharp edges.
Available in gold, silver, clear or glossy black.
8 oz. JumboJar
Embossing Powder
Clear or Gold, 8 oz.
For larger projects...or embossing junkies...
Clear embossing powder intensifies the ink underneath, +PLUS+ it makes an excellent resist for dye and paint.
See Silk Scarf Project How-to ~ coming soon
felt tip embossing pens
Embossing Pens
Felt tips, pre Inked with embossing pigment
Delightful for freehand doodles - swirls, stripes stars...and dot's not all!
• Drop a line to heat emboss, clear or black• Create borders along the edge of your cards. • Use with clear embossing powder as a resist for over-printing on paper or fabric. • Fill in areas that you wish to heat emboss, or to correct areas that didn't emboss evenly.
Big Embossing Pad
Super Jumbo Stamp Pad
pre-inked with Clear Embossing Pigment
For big thinkers... pre-inked felt pad is over 4" x 6"
The pad is a latex sponge surface saturated with embossing ink.

Non-stick Craft Sheet
ReUsable WorkSpace Mat
one r two?
Fabulous time and table saver!Stash one near your Imagination Stations to speed through setup and cleanup for all kinds of crafting. Simply rinse off powders and solubles, and easily peel off glue, paint, wax, ink, UTEE, wipe off polymer. Heatsafe/washable/reusable.
Craft Scraper
Clever Little Thing
This Teenie Craft Scraper is wonderful at cleaning your creatively trashed work area - removes craft materials without damaging surfaces...and? It is also The Best of Squeegees for printing our original teenie screens. <----layering prints page ~ coming soon.---->