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Embossing Powder How-2

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Standard Gocco Printers:PG5 and PG11
Large Gocco Printers: PG Arts
Pre-owned Gocco Printers: PG10 and B6

Embossing Powders    Simple materials, So Many possibilities!  Embossing powders come in a wild variety of colors and finishesSlick, matte, satin, puffed,velvety, pebbled...opaque, transparent, color-changing, pearlescent  From fine to funky :~) as you please.
Pigment Inked Image
Embossing Powder
Heat Source
Heat Gun (Best) OR broiler element & tongs OR Hot Iron & tongs
Powder to suit design: fine lines require fine detail embossing powderSmall dust-off brush - soft bristle
clean paper or craft sheet for work surgace
70 mesh -   $8.25

Unframed Screens: 100 Mesh ~ 2 sizes ~
7.5" x 5.8" (B6)
3 screens - $8.95

10.5" x 8.75" (B5)
2 screens - $10.95

How-To: Unframed Screens
    Here's a printable B-6 screen template

B70 screens
B-70s: Unframed  Sheets
9.5" x 11"/230 x 290 mm
RISO Framed Large Screen   PA 70
5.7" x 9.3"  image size

2 per pack $16.95 - For PGArts and B5 Printers

 New*Matte framesMedium:(B6 size)
4.5"x6.5" inner/ 8"x10" outside

Large: (B70s/B5)
8"x10.5" inner/11"x14" outside
Frame Size Options