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Multi Purpose Tools and Toys
These are a few of our Favorite Things

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Heat It Craft Tool
HeatIt Craft Tool
$ 18.75
**Best in the West - back in stock!**
Minimal airflow,minimal noise, comfortable hand and light weight make this reliable heat tool one of our favorite multi-use craft tools.

Great for embossing, of course, but also great for speeding drying time on projects. Works for shrink-plastic apps, and heat-setting fabric inks and dyes.

Non-stick Craft Sheet
Fabulous Time -and table - Saver

Stash one near your Creativity Station(s)to simplify setup/cleanup time. Nothing sticks to it! The slick, non-porous material withstands wide temperature range - moves from freezer to oven to freezer...

Simply rinse off solubles, peel off dried materials - glue, paint, ink, UTEE, encaustic will not penetrate or distort the Smooth-as-glass finish.
15" x 18"

Paper Trimmer
Paper Trim and Score

Trim and Score Papercutter

Sturdy portable paper cutter has double ruled-bar and grip, and a measuring bar that folds out at right angles. Comes with alternate sliding head to crease and score.
Simple helpful instructions.

Bone Folders
Bone Folders:
Paper Creasers

A Most Useful Assistant
Straight 6"
Curvy Compact 4.75"


Ideal for crisp folds and scores with minimal marking on paper or cloth.
Perfect for notecards, perfect for origami, and essential for burnishing transfers, adhesive papers, metallic foils...
Did we mention, polishing polymer and clay surfaces? ...curling quill and ribbon?

Teenie Squeegee Scraper
$ .95
Clever Little Thing

This Teenie Tool is unmatched for cleaning your creatively trashed work area without damaging surfaces. It is also Numba One for fine screen printing. Multi-edged squeegee is particularly handy for teenie screens, as well as for decal and etching applications smooth bubbles and water drops out . <----layering prints page ~ coming soon.---->

Card Drying Racks
$ 8.25
Card Drying Racks
Slotted racks each hold twenty printed cards upright to dry without touching. Simply place each print into the rack right off the press instead of covering every available surface with them. Set of Two.
Foil Tapes

Silvery Aluminum, Copper, or Gold Finish Brass
1/4" wide Adhesive-backed foil on a 15 ft. roll.
Another inspirational element to keep on hand for all reasons ~
This decorative, self-adhesive metal tape is JUST PERFECT for jewellry, but it has many other easy and fun uses - edge tiles, stones, embellish cards, scrapbook pages, altered art projects ...even fires into polymer (...yes, we did! Lovely.)

Paints & patinates easily, too. Brass and Copper tapes can be soldered.

Rubber Brayers
Small and large
 RR R r roLLing! Carvable Rubber Brayer
Smooth firm rubber applies even pressure without resistance. Useful for removing air or water pockets from stencils,screens or decals, and for rolling paper, felts, or clay into molds. (Small brayer is sized for our small paper casting molds.) Also TOPS for rolling out printing inks.
Make your own roller stamps, solid and textured backgrounds, resists and reliefs! To create rolling repeats: direct carve the removable roller or use cork/felt/string adhesive shapes
Refill rubber rolls are easily swapped out. *Footed feature reduces roller dent and keeps your work surface ink free! Replacement rollers available in all sizes.*

fine mist sprayer
Fine Misting Sprayer
$ 1.25
Super Fine Mist Sprayer
Compact, 4 oz. superfine-spray. Keeps water-based inks and paints open and workable.
While screenprinting, just mist screens occasionally. Makes even acrylics workable for screen-printing. You can also use them to spray water, paint, ink, alcohol or even bleach for other surface-altering techniques.
Easy-to-clean screw top and nozzle, clear snap-on cover cap,.