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Hand Stamp Kit
Thermal Imagers
B-70 Unframed Screens
Basic Inks Cloth and Paper
Pearl & Metallic Inks
Japanese Ink Colors
Pastel & Light Inks
Silkscreen and Process Color Inks
Misc. supplies
Printable Envelopes

Archival Pages:
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Standard Gocco Printers:PG5 and PG11
Large Gocco Printers: PG Arts
Pre-owned Gocco Printers: PG10 and B6
      Steals and Deals  ~

Red Hots ~ big Cards for Mightymighty Love notes ~ 5 x7 in.
so perfect for printing & embellishment...produced from sustainable forests

Hot Pink Envelopes ~ 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inch: lovely space, lovely face for printing

Carbon Twin tip pens ~ RISO's Original Magic Doodlers, half price!

Superfine Embossing Powders ~ Gold, Silver, Black or Clear

Rosewood/Kobai ~ Victorian Lace, Angel Dust and Roses

StarFleck Cream Envelopes ~ 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 velvety soft,
                  handmade paper with subtle gleaming inclusions