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Platen Adhesive Sheets,

Emulsion Sheets 

Emulsion Sheets,  2 pack
Emulsion sheets allow you to reuse screens by letting you burn new images so you’re never stuck with doing the same design over and over again. Its no mess application with water not only dries quickly, but it also produces an even coat of emulsion so you can produce higher quality prints.
MSRP: $18.75  Our Price: $17.49

110 Mesh Screen
110 Mesh Screen2 pack

This 110 mesh screen has a huge 11" x 14" print area, making it perfect for large, complex designs. The steel constructed screen can be used again and again for new designs with the removal and reapplication of Yudu emulsion sheets. Multiple screens make multicolored prints possible, and the fine mesh gives you greater control over the deposit of ink on your project.

MSRP: $28.00   Our price: $25.49

Yudu Registration Panels

Yudu Registration Panels, 2 Pack

These transparent registration panels fit the Yudu machine for simple, yet precise registration. The printed grid makes lining up multiple screens for multicolored designs a snap. The registration panel also helps protect the light table from scratches, ink, and tape residue.

MSRP: $8.00   Our price: $7.49

Yudu Squeegee Pro
Yudu Squeegee Pro

The comfortable plastic grip on the Squeegee Pro means you can be comfortable pulling dozens of prints. The rubber blade is perfect for screen-printing on fabric, and the rounded edges allow for the smoothest possible deposit of ink so your prints look crisp and professional.
MSRP: $15.00   Our price: $13.49

Blank Transparencies
Blank Laser Transparencies (5 pk)

With this water-resistant ink-jet transparency, you can create your own designs on your computer, print them off, and then use them in your Yudu machine. You can also draw directly on the transparency to make a truly unique design. These smear resistant transparencies generate sharply defined images to burn onto the emulsion sheets. For best results, use with an ink-jet printer.
MSRP: $10.00   Our price: $8.99

Platen Adhesive Sheets 2 Pack

The platen adhesive sheets hold a t-shirt or other article in place for better printing and more accurate registration so you can do multicolored designs without worry. Set of Two.
MSRP: $8.00   Our price: $7.49

Yudu Blockout
Yudu Blockout   2 oz.

Blockout lets you fix your mistakes, allowing you to repair screen images instead of forcing you to start the burning process all over again. Not only is Yudu Blockout nontoxic and nonflammable, it also is easy and quick to clean up with water.

MSRP: $8.00   Our price: $7.49

Adult T-shirt Platen
Adult Size T-shirt Platen

The adult t-shirt platen pegs easily onto the Yudu machine, and along with the platen adhesive sheets, will hold a t-shirt or other article precisely in place for better printing and more accurate registration. This allows multi-screen designs to be easily set in place. The handy hang-tab top allows you to save precious counter space while doing multiple prints. Durable platen is designed to fit adult-sized shirts but can be used to hold a variety of items in place. *smaller size available soon* - use adhesive sheets for tiny clothes, with a plastic or heavy paper insert.

  Our price: $22.00

1 oz. Embossing Powder
$ 3.25

Apply embossing powder to create raised print effects(also known as 'verco'). Clear intensifies the original color; Holographic is reflective and subtle; Gold and Silver are gleaming metallicious. Non-wash only.

1 oz. Superfine Detail
Embossing Powder
$ 3.75
Just what it says! Superfine Particles for fine detail printing.
Add another dimension, even with fine line work. Creates a raised print with sharp edges.
Available in gold, silver, clear,or glossy black.
Glass Etching Cream
$ 7.00
GLASS ETCHING? YES! Tape the screen against the flat or curved project. Brush on a layer of cream, wait 2-3 minutes, remove screen and rinse the glass under flowing water. Wash the screen for re-use. *Comes with small stiff bristle applicator brush.