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Framing Thermal Screens 
for Thermofax or Gocco PrintMaking


~ Flower Field ~ is much simpler than silkscreen. The emulsion coating is already on the mesh, and the mesh is essentially pre-stretched, so all you have to do is tape it to the frame. Yep, that's it.

...something like this...?       ...Brilliant!

100 mesh screen, mounted in stiff translucent acetate .

Comes with a *Teenie Squeegee*

Squeegee printing is fast and fun. Small images are a great wayto explore simple squeegee printmaking! Good with inks for paper or inks for cloth.


Borderless design is approximately 3.5"  x 1.75"


 RISOBig Basic Six-Pack for Paper: 


In stock now, very limited quantities

* Black is Back! *

Black, Red, Green Blue,  Yellow & Brown

Breakout Blooms!   Fluoro Purple normally$3.75   

   &  Coruscatin' O range                         here/now ~ $2.75


The ever-helpful Card Racks

Two  packs of 2 - $14.00

and now for what we've all been waiting for! The fabulous longscreen, framed for breakout gocco printing :~) PG702 is a full 10" x 6" inner screen size, IOW, a Double B6 Length Framed Screen,70-mesh. So perfect for ..oh, I dunno... tee shirts, anyone? or tote bags, or aprons, or showcards.

It's notched to fit a gocco press twice. Lay out your artwork and tape lightly to the screenfame. . . emulsion facing carbon, as always. Insert frame,(or lay screen on print bed without inserting), then flash. Leave the art stuck in place while you slide the frame out, turn it around and place the other end in position, then flash again. You can print it this way too, or use a squeegee off machine. Which we recommend. It's not rocket science, doctore. Two big screens in each pack * like having 4 B6s*