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Judy Funk Art

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Porcelain Jewelry

True knowledge begins with a loving heart."
                           ...........Thomas Carlyle
bas relief on porcelain
lustre overglaze

playgound dinos
Concrete dinosaurs playground
painted concrete on welded frame

stepping stones

We encourage investigation and experimentation with the many available free resources this culture produces in such abundance!
Add a pinch of this, a coat of that, and you have something that never was,
REDUCE, RE USE, RECYCLE and best of all, Re IMAGINE.
One fool's trash is another fool's treasure.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Ceiling of octagonal tower room

bas relief frog - chocolate? concrete? porcelain?

Your choice --
frog tile
2" version and 12" version available
painting on glass
recycled antiqued wood
Workshop Schedule

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