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Judy Funk Art - Northwoodstudios

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Classes and Workshops

Online registration links are with each class description, listed below the schedule chart or you may sign up through Santa Fe Community Education classes at



12:30 to 4:30 Pm
Pumpkin Carving

U. U. Fellowship Hall
34th St at 42nd Ave.

1:00 to 5:00 Pm
Intro to GOCCO

U. U. Fellowship Hall
34th St at 42nd Ave.

12:30 - 4:30

U. U. Fellowship Hall
34th St at 42nd Ave.

WEDNESDAYS starts 11/9
6 - 8:30 pm
Dollmaker's Group

2920 NW 67th Street

Saturday Nov 19
12:30 - 4:30
Gocco Print II

2920 NW 67th Street

An incredibly versatile and quick technology for color printing on paper, cloth, glass... great for cards, fabric arts, invitations, book arts, home decorating motifs, scrapbooking, etc.
 Multi media art Print Gocco is a miniature silk-screen unit which requires no chemicals, no darkroom, no big unwieldy wooden frames. You can print several colors at once using your own designs. 

The cost for each 4 hour workshop is $29.00 plus a $15.00 lab and facility fee which covers the copies, inks, lamps & screen for your design and the practice papers you will use in class.
Additional materials  - cardstock and envelopes, handmade papers and vellum - will be available for purchase, or you may bring your own. Additional screens may also be purchased in class.

Please feel free to contact me ahead of time for suggestions about other items you may bring to print on.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes have materials for participants which I prepare ahead of time,
so I appreciate knowing how many will attend. Also, class sizes are often limited.
An email will hold your place if you prefer to pay by check or you may use a credit card to pay online here.

November 5 Class - Printmaking workshop - simple serigraphs
$29.00 PLUS $15.00 MATERIALS FEE
signup by email here

Basic Gocco Print Class

November 12 Class - Advanced Gocco Printing
multiple-screen registration plus etching on glass
$29.00 plus $20.00 lab fee. The lab and materials fee includes 2 imaged screens as well as etch cream in addition to other materials listed in Gocco. Additional screens may be purchased for $5.00 in class if needed.
Print Gocco II- Signup

Advanced Gocco Printing

October 29: Pumpkin carving


This is not for small children, although they are most welcome to witness your efforts and offer suggestions...
Bring your wannabe jackolantern and carve something different this year!
materials needed: pumpkin, heavy duty ice cream scoop, paring knife or jack knife, and wood chisels if you have them.

4 hours, $29.00 ..... * LIMITED CLASS SIZE * ..Please call ahead!

Carve an award winning pumpkin!

November 2 through December 14 : Dollmaker Group
Create and clothe a soft body Santa or Angel doll with polymer clay sculpted head
LOCATION: 2920 NW 62nd Street
6 two-hour evening sessions, 6 - 8:30 pm Wednesdays
The cost for this class is $80.00, which includes materials- stuffing, wire, clay, and muslin - for doll and patterns for accessories . Clothing will be discussed in detail in class. Vintage and personal fabric choices are encouraged.

This project requires some basic sewing skills, either by hand or machine, which will also be covered in class if needed.

Doll Making 

gocco print supplies

contact us at northwoodstudios

Judy Funk
NorthWood Studios
P.O. Box 141281 Gainesville FL 32614

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